B.C. Milburn (Benedict Calvert Milburn was the most prolific stoneware potter to work in Alexandria.  In 1822 John Swann at age 33 hired BC Milburn when he was 17 at the Wilkes Street pottery.   John Swann did not last in business through bad debts and was out by 1825.  The next time we can place BC Milburn at the Wilkes Street pottery is in 1833 when he leased it from Hugh Smith.  In 1841 he purchased the Wilkes Street Pottery from Hugh Smith.  The ran the pottery business strong until the approach of the Civil War in 1861.  BC Milburn had 3 sons that were also in the pottery trade Joseph, Steven, and William.  BC Milburn died in 1867.   While at the Wilkes Street Pottery BC Milburn produced wares for merchants Hugh Smith, Hugh Charles Smith, and JP Smith… and it was only after Hugh and Hugh Charles’ death that he let the information out that he had produced wares for rival merchant EJ Miller.