E.J. Miller (Elisha Janney Miller) was not a potter but a business man and he was brought into the import business in 1856 by his father R.H. Miller.  During the Civil War the miller import business was at a hault and in 1865 RH Miller retired and left the business to his son EJ Miller.  This is when BC Millburn started stamping the stoneware he made for EJ Miller to sell “E.J. MILLER ALEX.”  This stoneware was made by Milburn for EJ Miller until 1876 when the Wilkes Street pottery closed.  If the jars are plain and not decorated and stamped EJ Miller they are likely made between 1865 and 1876.

*** some un-decorated stoneware has been found with 3 different name stamps. EJ Miller, BC Millburn, and SC Milburn.

When the Wilkes Street pottery closed in 1876 EJ Miller needed to get his stoneware from another potter and he turned to James Hamilton in Greensboro, PA.  Hamilton would make the stonware for EJ Miller and decorate them in cobalt blue.  Rare examples do exist with both EJ Miller and James Hamilton advertising on the same piece.  EJ Miller continued his import and wholesale business until 1895 when he died at age 65.

*** informate is obtained kindly from Eddie L. Wilder in his great book Alexandria Virginia Pottery 1792 – 1876