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A database for Dealers, Collectors, and Auction Firms

About Us began in 2009 with a small idea to catalogue in an easily searchable database auction records and sale results for pottery and stoneware. The main reason for this is so tomorrows collectors have a guide and a reason to pay big $$$ for the items that collectors and dealers charish today. If the sales records are lost on a $50,000 piece… then its not a $50,000 piece anymore. If we can keep track and only allow that information to serious collectors… (by doing a membership based site) the price of pottery will only go up… but if the value is lost in space and nobody has a record of what the “Dave Poem Jar” sold for in 2004 then how can the future collector value it to know what to spend in 2024 when it comes up for auction again…

Our Offices are based in North Carolina but we have associates in every state that are tracking pottery records and new discoveries. We want to be the best at what we do and we are alwasy learning so any information or knowledge you would like to share please feel free to do so via email or phone.

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