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Are you new to the pottery collecting field? If so thats great… welcome to a life long journey of excitement and enjoyment. Do you know where to begin? Here are a few tips on how to start a beginner pottery collection.

Start with your State if you live in NC thats a good place to start your collection. Find out the different regions that made pottery… you may live in one of them or close by. Next find out the rare and the not so rare… collect what you can offered and what you like.

Narrow your interests there is a lot of pottery out there so if you go into it with a broad since you will want to buy everything you see. Narrow your interest. For example, in NC there is more than one region that produced pottery prior to 1900. Each pottery from its own region has its own look and feel. Piedmont, NC pottery looks totally different than Catawba Valley pottery. So we will stick with Piedmont, NC pieces to start. On top of that, there are variouse forms such as jugs, crocks, pitchers, etc. So lets pick Piedmont, NC Jugs. Also there are different makers and counties within this region so lets pick Alamance County, Jugs and take it one step farthur and only collect jugs that are 1 gallon in size or less… but not miniature because thats too broad and theres too many minis to focus on… also lets say we will only buy it if it has a nice drip running down the side. So now we collect “Alamance County Jugs, 1 gallon or less in size, with at least one drip running down but the more drips the better!… 🙂

Product Knowledge is what this site is about so use it. Become a member and study prices and signatures. Know that a JD Craven stamp isnt that hard to find… but an NH Dixon is rare rare rare. During your collecting you are sure to make mistakes… but thats how you learn and become an authority on the subject. I once knew a collector that paid $500 for a jug that had a cobalt decoration of a horse on it… easily worth over $5,000 at any auction… the buyer got an hour away from the site of the buy and started scratching at the horse and the paint started coming off… ooops.. there goes $500 but that buyer/collector wont ever make that mistake again. Don’t lose that much but $25 to learn isnt bad and you still have an object to enjoy if you did in fact make a mistake.

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